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Mitti Ke Bartan Online - Amazing Facts & Tips For Clay Utensils

Clay Pot Cooking Basics

Cooking in clay pot – Mitti ke bartan has been a part of Indian tradition since ancient times and is a preferred utensil for nutritious cooking process. Learn more about the benefits of cooking in clay pots, process to season and maintain, how to identify a good clay cooking pot, when to change clay cookware and many more. Zishta brings to you oral traditional knowledge from the communities and clusters known for making clay for several generations. Cooking in clay pots has immense health benefits.

In this article we are going answer to all query & question one should have before buying any earthen cooking ware (donabe).Topics we are covering are :

  • How to use clay pot or vessel first time
  • How to Season Clay Pot for the first – मिट्टी के बरतन को कैसे
    season करें
  • मिट्टी के बर्तन में खाना कैसे बनाएं – How to use & Clean mud pot
  • How to Identify Best Clay cookware, clay cooking pot
    benefits, How to Season and maintain clay pots
  • Some Useful Facts About Clay Utensils

  • Do’s & Dont’s For Cooking using Mitti ke bartan

  • pro’s & Con’s
Mitti Ke Bartan Online - Amazing Facts & Tips For Clay Utensils

How To Use Clay Pot Or Vessel First Time | मिट्टी के बर्तन में खाना कैसे बनाएं – How to use & Clean mud pot

Clay pot is very good for health and the food cooked in the clay pot is very tasty and harmless. Now people cook food in various metals which are harmful to our health but clay pot is always harmless and healthy option to cook food. Many people are not aware of the benefit of clay pot so they don’t use it to cook food but people should use it in their kitchen to bring good health to the entire family.

If you do not have a double-lid rice cooker, you can still make rice in a classic-style Clay Kadai. After soaking the rice, cover with the lid and start with medium-high heat, bringing it to a boil, which will take about 7 to 8 minutes. Making roti,phulka,chapati step by step on clay tawa, Click Here.

How do you clean clay utensils?

For cleaning of these pots one should never ever use soap or detergent. It will get into the pours and will go with your food। Best thing is wash it with plain water ,with wood ash , or gram flour (besan). Occasionally clean it with water in it heat it adding common salt in it wash it and use it. Rather than using harmful non stick cookware these pots are inexpensive and give unique flavor to food.

How to Season Clay Pot for the first – मिट्टी के बरतन को कैसे season करें

Follow below steps to know how to season Donabe (clay Pot/ Palayok).

  • Make sure the outer bottom of the donabe  is dry before starting the process.
  • Pour the water to about 70% of the donabe, and add cooked rice. 
  • Cover the donabe with lid and cook the rice over low to medium-low heat. 
  • Turn off the heat and let it cool down for about 1 hour.

How To Maintain Clay Pots

Always use wooden ladles and ensure heavier vessels are not kept on top of it to prevent getting crack on clay utensils. Dip in water for 6-8 hours and then start using it.You can clean them with any organic powder.

Lead is found in pottery glazes as lead bisilicate in frits. These glazes are mainly used on earthen and raku ware. If they are not properly formulated, applied and fired, it is possible that they could leach into food or drink.

How do you use clay utensils?

After cooking scrub using green soft scrubber without soap then fill the pot with water and baking soda or rock salt. Heat the pot. Heat should be increased gradually. Never begin heat with high flame, always from low end to slow increase of heat. For 15 mins or so you can boil the salt water and see impurities along with oil floating over the water. Switch off and throw the water, again scrub without soap and keep in sun to dry it. Do this whenever you are cooking heavy oily recipes or weekly once will do. For daily basis just after cooking and pot is cooled down scrub mild in normal running water and then keep in sun to dry. With heat, the inner and outer surface exposed to the fire is bound to turn black. It is fine.

Health Benefits Of Clay Cooking Pot

  • Cooking in clay pots has immense health benefits. It is said that clay pots brings many important nutrients like iron,calcium, phosphorus, , magnesium & sulfur to food, which are highly beneficial to our health & body.
  • The aroma that you’re food will has after being cooked in an eartan cook ware is unbeatable & unmatchable.
  • Earthen ware are affordable & easy on you’re pocket.
  • Due to its alkaline property, It maintains the PH of food.
  • Clay pots keeps moisture and circulates heat through food.That helps to keep nutrition value in food.
  • You can avoid unnecessary fat also as these desi cook wares retains oil and provides moisture to food.

Some Useful Facts About Clay Utensils

I saw many cook ware inside little shiny is it harmfull? 

No, it just means it’s glazed. There’s a vitrified layer on the inside that makes it so it’s not porous anymore. But it’s completely safe and I think you can even wash the shiny part with soap without problem.

There are any chemicals or artificial colors are used in making these clay cooking Utensils? Are clay utensils safe?

No,they are completely organic. Stoneware is semi-vitreous, sturdy, chip-resistant, and more durable than earthenware. Porcelain is made from the purest form of clay, called kaolin. It has a firing range of 2335®F to 2550®F. After firing, porcelain is non-porous, vitreous in texture, and translucent. If there are made from these properties, we can consider them best clay pots. 

To make strong and food-safe pottery, they fire clay body at a high enough temperature to let the clay and glaze go through some changes like shrinking, oxidation, reduction, fusing, and many more. And achieving these characteristics in a home oven would be nearly impossible.

Do’s & Dont’s For Cooking using Mitti ke bartan

  • Don’t heat up without food or liquid inside.
  • Avoid rapid temperature change.
  • When using, make sure the bottom surface is dry.
  • When the pot is still hot, don’t pour or soak in cold water.
  • The best cooking heat is medium heat or lower.
  • Once it’s boiling, reduce heat to low to keep cooking.

Conclusion :

Using or buying mitti ke bartan online has some pros & cons.

Pros :

  • They cook faster. It takes 10-15% lesser time to cook in clay.
  • It works on hot plates (coil with ceramic top).
  • You can use it in microwave.
  • Its a healthier Desi Food gadgets.


  • Clay Utensils does not work on induction.
  • It requires extra take care while in use.


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